Emyr Thomas

London - 13 Years of experience

While Emyr is London-based, he spends more than half the year exploring new destinations; because there’s nothing quite like waking up in a hotel room with a view.

After studying Math and Economics at university and launching directly into a career in finance, Emyr decided he needed a change in 2009. With a love for fine dining, he founded London-based concierge service, Bon Vivant. During the early years, his focus was on scoping out the best restaurants, bars, shops and experiences for clients in London. But as his expertise around luxury hotels grew, Emyr evolved his services to include planning luxury travel for clients all over world.

Emyr’s two loves are travelling and dining out, so having a career that affords him the chance of doing both on a regular basis is a dream. When he’s not in London, Emyr can be found sourcing the very best hotels, experiences, restaurants and hidden gems to make his clients’ trips especially memorable. You can be sure that if there’s a new restaurant or hotel opening, he’ll be there at the bar with a glass of champagne, seeking out the best of the best for his clients. In addition to designing travel experiences for clients, Emyr has a travel and lifestyle journal where he blog about his travel experiences.

The Bon Vivant lifestyle is all about experiencing the best culinary experiences, but how do incorporate wellness into your everyday life and travels to stay balanced?

As much as dinner reservations at the hottest spots are an anchor to both my life in London and travels abroad, making time for wellness is just as important. I love checking into a hotel with a high performance gym and spa. For instance, I just stayed at Hotel Esencia in Tulum which has a health club overlooking the estate’s cenote. With a fitness room, juice bar and spa all on basically on the beach, they beautifully integrate hallmarks of modern wellbeing so I can feel good about that afternoon mojito under a palapa. When I’m home, this all looks a little less beachy, but I’m a big fan of Barry’s Bootcamp.

Of all the places you’ve been, which destinations are your favorite?

My favourite destinations are St Barths, The Amalfi Coast the South of France. Although, my heart belongs to London, a city you can really never tire of.