Gloria Gammo

Sydney - 9 Years of experience

Gloria is an avid traveller; as soon as she graduated from university, she travelled around the world for three months with a backpack.

The funniest part? She couldn’t actually carry her backpack, and had to swap it for a suitcase as soon as she landed in London.

When it came time to start her career, she found herself working in the luxury travel industry, which was a complete game changer. After being exposed to some of the most incredible travel experiences in this world, there was no going back to the backpack! She believes that amazing architecture, inspiring design, memorable customer service and a bed that you can melt into, can make all the difference to your travel experience.

With this belief in mind, she realised that she wanted to create memorable travel experiences for people and share her knowledge with others. And so on this journey, you find her here, as a Luxury Travel Stylist. If you don’t know Gloria or haven’t worked with her before, then you should know that she is obsessed with the finer details, spreadsheets, technology, unique creativity, new experiences, people, beautiful things and landscapes that take her breath away.