Julia Gregory

4 Years of experience

Inspired by the old adage, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” Julia believes travel and experiences are not only an investment in your personal growth, but also can provide some of the fondest memories that truly last a lifetime.

An Atlanta native and Nashville resident, Julia has always had a passion for travel and exploring the world, ever since going on her first international trip at the age of twelve where she visited London and Brussels with her mother. Julia studied abroad twice in Spain, backpacked her way through most of Western Europe, and made several trips back to her personal favorites including Scotland, France, and Italy. But, it’s not just international travel that gives Julia energy; she has a lifetime goal of visiting every US National Park.

Julia spent seven years in sales and client services for prominent technology and marketing companies, responsible for managing many Fortune 500 clients. It wasn’t until after her first safari in Africa that Julia decided to change her career path and step into the role as a luxury travel advisor. She’s passionate about exposing her clients to adventurous and unique experiences—whether on a weekend getaway or a trip of a lifetime.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

I’ll never forget the tears streaming down my face as we watched our field guide and tracker wave goodbye from the African game reserve down below as our puddle jumper took flight. I’m not a crier, but the thought of leaving such an awe-inspiring place was unimaginable.

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

My bucket-list is becoming more and more adventurous in some of the farthest reaches of the planet, including seeing the Aurora Borealis in Greenland, gorilla trekking in Africa, and kayaking in Antarctica. Wish me luck!

Travel Tip

  • Build your souvenir collection by focusing on one theme — watercolor paintings, ceramics, tableware, etc. Your home will thank you, and you'll end up with a small collection from your travels near and far!