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Kristin Songy Diehl

LocationBaton Rouge
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Growing up in South Louisiana, Kristin Diehl developed an appetite for adventure and travel at a young age.

After experiencing the beaches of the Gulf Coast and Europe, Kristin set out on the ultimate journey to St. John in the USVI where she lived and worked.  While in the islands, she met her husband, a sushi chef with a passion for cooking dishes from around the world.  Together they have traveled the globe and brought their experiences home to Baton Rouge to share with customers at their farm-to-table meat market and restaurant, Twine.

Kristin encourages travelers to embrace the region of travel with open arms. To seek out the unexpected and unnoted. Follow the lesser traveled roads. Eat and drink authentically when dinning side-by-side with the locals. Skip the over visited and underwhelming tourist traps. And ultimately put the phone and camera away to open your eyes, ears, and mind.

Kristin’s travel consulting can be compared to mixing a perfect cocktail. From a Sazerac to the trusted glass of Cabernet, she works with clients to make sure their thirst is satisfied. She assists clients from early inception to the final details, creating an unforgettable excursion. Perfectly tailored and hand selected, no detail is prearranged without the client’s desire in mind. From weekend outings to weeks abroad, leisure or business travel, Kristin can guarantee the effortless excursion of irreplaceable adventure.


Favorite Travel Tip

I always travel with two sets of contacts in my bag. Once on the ground, pop in the fresh set for a fresh start of your journey. Added bonus, you never are without a backup pair of contacts to rotate in.


In the past when traveling abroad we had never used a travel consultant, but I’m so glad we used Depart & Discover on our last trip. It took the stress out of traveling especially with young children. Every detail was thought of which made our trip that much more relaxing. Even when I changed my mind a thousand times regarding our itinerary she just told me “That’s what I’m here for”. Thank you Kristin Songy Diehl for your patience and for planning our Costa Rican adventure! It was amazing and exceeded our expectations. -Holly L