Kristina Miller

Ft. Lauderdale
10 Years of experience

As an anthropologist having spent more than a decade working in the field of international humanitarian development, Kristina has traveled to some of the most exotic and remote parts of the world.

After sleeping in mud huts and living without potable water, Kristina truly appreciates more comfortable travel experiences now. These adventures have given Kristina insight into traveling to places off-the-beaten track and a special interest in unique cultural experiences around the globe. As a Fellow in the Explorer’s Club, she loves pushing the boundaries of travel through expedition and adventure experiences for her clients. Kristina plans vacations all over the world; from the most remote corners of Africa on safari to active trips across Europe, she helps clients put together the entire trip from start to finish. She is here to help you plan the most luxurious of adventures.

Kristina also focuses on family travel as she travels around the world with her two young children. As a parent, she believes that travel teaches kids to be global citizens and they learn from an early age to be flexible, good travelers. Kristina’s focus on family travel highlights how kids provide fresh perspectives, while cultures worldwide warmly embrace children as travelers.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

I’ve had too many to count, but my most memorable recent travel experience was in the Costa del Sol, Spain. Sitting on the patio of my new favorite hotel in the world, Finca Cortesin, having just had a divine spa treatment, listening to the most beautiful Spanish music, a fabulous Rioja in hand, and thinking I’m one of the luckiest people alive!

Which destinations are you looking forward to visiting and why?

I have three destinations at the top of my wish list: Bhutan, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar. To me these are some of the most exotic destinations around the world and their cultures intrigue me. I’d like a mix of trekking, nature, cultural experiences, and to throw in some fabulous hotel stays when available!

Travel Tip

  • Global Entry! As you breeze through the immigration and customs and the added bonus of TSA Precheck, it's worth every penny.