Lena Nielson

Snowy Mountains
13 Years of experience

Some people are born with travel in their blood and for Lena, this innate desire for exploration has defined her career trajectory.

Born and raised in Australia with an English mother, Lena’s love for travel developed over the course of annual trips to England to visit family. These trips usually consisted of a few weeks of enjoying the English summer before jetting off to various European cities like Paris or Venice before stopping over in Mauritius or Hong Kong on the way home. Lena believes the world is here to be explored. Working remotely affords her the flexibility and opportunity to traverse the globe as often as she can, sharing her firsthand insights and experiences with her clients.

Lena has visited and spent meaningful time in over 35 countries with her favorites being Italy, the Maldives, and South Africa. Her forte lies in luxury travel, accommodations, and fine dining at five-star properties. From faraway castles to exclusive island spa retreats, Lena knows how to achieve the perfect holiday for her clients.

What’s your strategy to overcome jet lag?

I switch to the destination time zone from the moment I get on the plane. If that means skipping a meal service and heading to sleep or staying up to get work done, that’s what I’ll do. The quicker you start to adapt to your upcoming time zone, the easier it is to adjust.

Which destinations do you go back to again and again? 

I am absolutely head over heels in love with Italy. For me, the food and local culture–no matter which city you are in–are truly remarkable. From a quick coffee with locals at a stand-up bar in Rome to a day truffle hunting in Tuscany to strolling the incredible food markets and shops in Bologna, there is something for everyone. If you like incredible food, kind and passionate people, rich history, and stunning architecture, Italy is the perfect destination for you.

Travel Tip

  • Restaurant bookings are an absolute must! With culinary interests being one of the fastest growing reasons people are traveling, gone are the days of being able to book a local hot spot for dinner on the same day. If there are any absolutely must-try restaurants or bars on your trip, make sure to make a reservation 1-3 months prior.