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Michelle Manas

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Michelle feels very fortunate to have grown up traveling the world and loves sharing her passion and experience with others. She believes that wine should be your passport to the world!

Uncorked Escapes was founded by Michelle Manas (nee Goldman) in hopes of combining three of her passions … travel, planning, and wine country! While she specializes in wine regions around the globe, she believes that a glass of vino pairs well with any destination! Growing up traveling with her family, Michelle always loved the adventure of exploring new destinations and learning about different cultures. She truly feels that travel is a necessary part of life and that each experience will change you for the better.

When she was younger, a friend of her family gave her words to live by. They said, “When you are young, you have the time and you have your health … but you don’t have the money. When you have a family, you have your health and you have the money … but you don’t have the time. When you are retired, you have the money and you have the time … but you don’t have your health. There is never a perfect time to travel, so do it as frequently as you can while you are still young and able.” Ever since, Michelle has been spending the money, making the time, and building a lifetime rich in memories and poor in regrets.

As a Luxury Travel Advisor, Michelle uses her passion to help others create lifelong memories and experience travel as it should be … “uncorked!” She plans unique, bespoke itineraries that always make her clients feel like VIP’s. To learn more, visit Michelle’s website.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

On a trip through Tuscany, we spent the day in this tiny little town called Lucca. You enter the city through their perfectly preserved Renaissance-era city walls, and the cobblestone streets are not wide enough to fit cars. So, we rode bikes around for hours gazing at all of the stunning architecture. Lucca is known as “The City of 100 Churches,” and while it is nearly impossible to see all of them in one day, we tried our best! It is one of the most charming cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting and you can spend the entire day riding bikes around looking at the sites, each structure more beautiful than the last. I highly recommend a stop in Lucca on your next trip through Tuscany and I’d love to help you plan it!

What does your perfect vacation day look like?

I always like to start the day with an outdoor workout to take advantage of the scenic destination. Next, I like to enjoy a big breakfast – which luckily is often offered as a special Virtuoso amenity! After that, I’m fueled up and ready for some exploring. Usually my days are busy with activities so I often enjoy my light “go to” lunch – cheese and charcuterie – paired with a crisp glass of rosé of course! After lunch and exploring, it’s time for a little R&R at the spa. Nothing says vacation like a fluffy white robe, candlelit room, zen music, and massage! After an hour of being pampered, and if time allows, I’ll soak up the sun before getting ready for dinner. I love starting the night off with a cocktail at the hotel bar and then enjoying a delicious dinner paired with the perfect wine to watch the sunset. A night cap and some dancing are my favorite way to close out the perfect vacation day before hitting the sheets and catching some z’s to do it all over again!

Favorite Travel Tip

Always bring a light scarf on the plane and drape it over your face while you sleep. It will prevent your skin and eyes from drying out and allow you to arrive looking and feeling fresh and ready for adventure!


2018 Rising Star Agent


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