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Samantha Dorfman

Experience6 Years

Comfortably step outside your comfort zone with Sam.

With the guiding principle that no request is too large or no detail too small in creating travel experiences that you’ll always remember, Sam puts client relationships front and center. Whether travelers are seeking a simple hotel booking or a detailed, door-to-door itinerary, her deep understanding of the hospitality industry ensures you make the most of your time away from home.

A seasoned travel advisor and globetrotter in her own right, Sam draws on years of experience, research, and carefully honed supplier relationships to expertly design getaways for any occasion. Committed to having the answers to your questions before you ask, she takes pride in creating seamless and personalized experiences from finding the perfect date night restaurant to planning an extensive multi-country international itinerary.

Sam spent the early months of 2020 rerouting her clients in the wake of COVID-19, ensuring refunds were swiftly given or arranging postponements. The pandemic created a pause that allowed her to take a leap to build CuratedCoast, her own fresh-faced agency with flexibility at the forefront to empower clients in the post-pandemic travel landscape. Don’t leave the intricate details of your travel up to chance – leave them with Sam.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

While studying abroad in Barcelona, my adventures across Europe opened my eyes to the perspective-changing experiences of immersing yourself in foreign cities and cultures. I fell in love with pushing myself outside of my comfort zone to meet new people, try foods I couldn’t pronounce, and see unforgettable wonders. Whether I had an afternoon in Seville or a long-weekend in Switzerland, I gravitated toward the intensive planning required to make the most of these excursions. When deciding what I wanted to do with my career, I discovered a deep passion for and natural inclination towards helping others craft their own eye-opening experiences.

Favorite Travel Tip

Talk to locals when deciding where to eat. That’s how you‘ll come across the best hidden gems!


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