Susan Andrzejewski

New York City - 5 Years of experience

Susan is happiest when she’s headed for the airport – the anticipation of the days ahead keeps her smiling.

Growing up traveling with her parents ignited her desire to see the world and to meet people from different backgrounds. However, it was after spending a semester in Spain and visiting different countries throughout Europe that travel became a priority in her life. Her favorite itineraries combine history and culture but as an outdoor enthusiast, she tries to include an adventure in every vacation and has hiked mountains from the Adirondacks to the Andes. From long weekends in Mexico with her girlfriends to family trips to places like Pearl Harbor, the Masai Mara and Halong Bay, she believes equally in the value of a peaceful respite and excursions that provide a better understanding of the world around us.

Susan enjoys the research that goes into the perfect trip almost as much as the trip itself. When she realized she was as excited about planning for her friends as for her own family, she decided to join the travel industry in a professional capacity. Having spent 15 years doing interior design, Susan has honed the skills needed to satisfy the most particular clients. Her attention to detail and ability to ask the specific questions needed to truly understand her clients’ wishes will benefit her in crafting memorable experiences for her customers. She’s excited to be a part of SmartFlyer’s incredible network and to share her passion for travel with others.

Which destinations do you consider yourself an expert in?

I find myself returning to Europe time and time again–most recently Paris, Portugal, and Puglia stand out as favorites. Some of my other beloved destinations to plan trips for clients using my first-hand expertise are Peru and South Africa.