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Taylor Methfessel

Experience5 Years
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Having grown up in New Jersey, Taylor later moved to New York City to attend New York University.

There she studied Cultural Aesthetics and Travel, in addition to pursuing a minor in Italian. Taylor has been traveling extensively since a young age. Her early travels led her to the western part of the United States and the Caribbean. Her recent experience has been within Europe. Taylor spent the early half of 2013 living in Florence. The city served as a base from which she traveled throughout much of Italy and to France, Croatia, the Czech Republic and more. Most recently, her international travel has been focused on Switzerland as she works toward becoming an expert on the country.

Taylor is constantly discovering new hotels and resorts to share with her clients. She offers firsthand experience, passion and knowledge. Her most important assets are the relationships that she has developed with other industry professionals. These have been fostered through outside interaction and attendance of the industry’s most exclusive events, including Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas and International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes. It is these lasting connections in addition to her attention to detail and her dedication to serving clients that make her a valuable and successful travel advisor.


Melbourne with Blue Stone Lane


Park Hyatt Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Widder Hotel

Zurich, Switzerland


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