Corey Nussbaum

Kansas City
8 Years of experience

Corey believes travel can feed the mind, body and soul – it’s understanding people and cultures, it’s experiencing beauty and exotic surroundings, it’s taking time for yourself and connecting with family and friends.

Specializing in couples getaways and family travel all over the world, Corey uses her detail-oriented and fierce organizational skills to help people take time out of their busy lives to self-connect and reconnect with others. She is inspired by curating her client’s experiences with new cultures, adventure and moments of relaxation. She loves learning about her client’s hobbies and passions and pairing them with unique and luxurious experiences. Every client is different and every experience is different. No two journeys look alike no matter the destination which allows for constant creativity and endless opportunities.

Corey has lived in Austin, Chicago, San Antonio, and currently resides in Kansas City with her husband and three children. When she isn’t planning travel, she’s attending kids’ sporting events and dance performances, cooking for her family, and enjoying her zen moments of Yoga and Pilates.

How do you prepare for your trips?

I am a big list-maker. I first like to create a list of everything I need, even the most obvious items, so as not to forget anything. Plus, the mere exercise of crossing something off a list is satisfying, right? I like to make a list of subjects for the following: clothing/shoes, toiletries, essentials (passports!), snacks, etc. Since we are a family of five, I also include lists for each of my kids. I like to try and pack my kids together, so packing cubes have become my favorite way to divide their items and stay organized while we are on our trip.

About a week before we leave, I take out everyone’s suitcases and backpacks and put them in their rooms. I start putting things in piles, outside the suitcase and once I’m ready, I cross things off the list as I put the items inside. This way, I know everything is accounted for! To prepare for international travel to a different timezone, my favorite preparation is following the app Timeshifter. It helps with adjusting to the new timezone and also adjusting on the way home!

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My favorite travel experience is taking the kids to the beach. We have been to several beaches with them in Mexico, Florida, Georgia, and California. Every time they see the ocean, it’s like they are seeing it again for the first time. Their excitement and laughter are contagious. I think it’s the one thing that all three of them, at all different ages, can enjoy together. The older ones love jumping the waves, all three of them love finding seashells and all of us can walk the length of the beach together. Then, at the end of the day when we sit and watch the sunset over the water…there is just nothing better.

Travel Tip

  • Wherever you go – always pack snacks! You never know where you will end up or for how long you will be there.