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Erin Trager-Kusman

Experience 7 Years

Travel reveals who we really are; from how we overcome obstacles, to what brings us alive. Erin believes that travel is essential to a life well-lived, and has made it her mission to craft fulfilling journeys as unique as the individuals embarking on them.

Like talking to a friend who’s just visited, Erin uses her first-hand knowledge and extensive insider relationships to pull the strings behind the scenes, allowing you the comfort of knowing nothing’s left to chance, unless, of course, that’s entirely the point. She aims to understand your unwind, whether it looks like the exclusive swim-up suite on an unnamed island in Greece, or getting wrapped up in culinary immersion on the side streets of Mexico City.

True luxury is quiet curation; it’s understanding what “exceptional” means to you without asking and having the trusted connections, recommendations, and deep industry knowledge to compose it. Erin lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband Michael and twin toddlers, spending her free time traveling (research!) as well as eating and running, which, in her opinion, are the best two ways to discover a new destination.

What inspired you to become a travel agent?

I find that when we travel, we become our truest selves. Boundaries and expectations seem to fall away in an unfamiliar place, free from the constraints of routines (and that email inbox!). I hope that by making travel effortless, your exploration surpasses the place and uncovers new joys and fulfillment.

What’s your strategy to overcome jet lag?

Get out there! A run (or a walk!) is the perfect way to get acquainted with your destination. Bonus; it helps clear your mind, making more room wherever you are – you’ll forget about your lack of sleep in no time.

Favorite Travel Tip

“An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.” [G.K. Chesterton] It’s all about perspective.


2018 SmartFlyer Rising Star

2020, 2021 SmartFlyer ONE


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