SmartFlyer Honors its SmartFlyer Club 2A and SmartFlyer Rising Star Agents

NEW YORK, NY (January 16, 2023) – Sixty SmartFlyer affiliate agencies spanning the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia have received SmartFlyer Club 2A and Rising Star recognition.

The SmartFlyer platform supports over 250 travel agents, many of whom have developed their own brand identity within the agency’s ecosystem, one that has continually evolved throughout the company’s thirty-three-year history.

Club 2A is a recognition that’s deeply rooted in SmartFlyer tradition. The program was conceptualized as a nod to our founder, Michael Holtz, who is known to strictly fly in seat 2A for its “prime position” as a way to recognize some of SmartFlyer’s most primely positioned travel advisors. This cohort represents advisors spanning $2M to $5M in actualized revenue. In alignment with our collective growth as a community, this select group of high-revenue advisors has grown from seven advisors in 2021 to forty-six agents just one year later.

$5M+ Actualized

$4M+ Actualized

$3M+ Actualized

$2M+ Actualized

Rising Star was launched in 2018 to celebrate our new-to-the-industry advisors whose first full two years of booking travel were marked by landmark success with a minimum of $500k in revenue. This year, we are excited to recognize fifteen agents who started their journey with us in 2020 and 2021 to qualify as the Rising Star Class of 2022. This summer, in partnership with Hyatt Hotels, SmartFlyer will host its annual Rising Star educational trip to give this cohort of advisors back-of-house access to operational procedures at Park Hyatt Chicago.

$2M+ Actualized

*denotes that these advisors have also qualified as Club 2A, an exceptional achievement in their first three years of booking travel

$1M+ Actualized

$500k+ Actualized


Since 1990, SmartFlyer has helped its clients see the world differently. As a full-service luxury travel agency built for curious travelers, SmartFlyer travel advisors specialize in creating exceptional experiences around the world through curated recommendations and continuous boots-on-the-ground research activated by decades of trusted relationships.

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