SmartFlyer Introduces SmartFlyer Cirrus and Honors its Club 2A 2023 Agencies

NEW YORK, NY (January 10, 2024) – Sixty-five SmartFlyer affiliate agencies spanning the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia have produced between $2M and $6M in actualized revenue in 2023.

Now in its third year, SmartFlyer Club 2A was conceptualized in 2021 as a nod to its founder, Michael Holtz, who is known to fly strictly in seat 2A for its “prime position” as a way to recognize some of SmartFlyer’s most primely positioned travel agencies. To be eligible for this cohort, affiliates are required to have a minimum of $2M in actualized revenue. To further distinguish this group’s extraordinary accomplishments, SmartFlyer has launched a brand new recognition tier in tandem with the Club 2A distinction – SmartFlyer Cirrus is a recognition program for the top ten agencies within SmartFlyer Club 2A.

SmartFlyer Cirrus is named after cirrus clouds, composed of ice crystals that form at the top of the sky at an altitude of 40,000 feet. This altitude exceeds what is often referred to as the “metaphorical ceiling” for most airplanes – in turn, SmartFlyer Cirrus distinguishes agencies as some of the highest-performing agencies in the SmartFlyer network and celebrates their exemplary performance.

SmartFlyer Cirrus 2023

This year, SmartFlyer Cirrus encompasses agencies that actualized between $6M and $4.8M in revenue globally which is more than double – and up to triple – the $2M threshold to be recognized as SmartFlyer Club 2A.

SmartFlyer Club 2A 2023

SmartFlyer 2A launched with seven agencies recognized in its inaugural year; this year, fifty-five affiliate agencies have produced between $2M and over $4M in actualized revenue.






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